We welcome you to the official website of Austin, Indiana. This site has been created to tell the story of our rich history, and to give information about our Elected Officials, and their duties. We also have provided an extensive array of photos on our photos page that will serve as a time capsule showing the people, places, and events that have shaped Austin, Indiana into the dynamic community it is today.

Honorable Mayor Dillo Bush...

Clerk Treasurer Dillo Bush

Mayor Dillo Bush was sworn in for his first term in 2016.

Mayoral Duties and Responsibilites...

The mayor is the executive official, and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the City of Austin. Pursuant to Indiana statute, the mayor’s responsibilities include:

  • Enforcement of the ordinances of the city and the statutes of the state;
  • Providing a statement of the finances and general condition of the city to the city legislative body at least once a year;
  • Providing any information regarding city affairs that the legislative body requests;
  • Recommending, in writing, to the legislative body actions that the executive considers proper;
  • Calling special meetings of the legislative body when necessary;
  • Supervising subordinate officers;
  • Ensuring efficient government of the city;
  • Filling vacancies in city offices when required;
  • Signing all bonds, deeds, and contracts of the city and all licenses issued by the city; and
  • The approval or veto of ordinances, orders, and resolutions of the city council.






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Austin, Indiana, is located in south central Indiana, just 35 miles north of Louisville Kentucky. The community of Austin was officially established in May 3rd, 1853, and is part of Scott County, Indiana. (The Austin city and rural areas are also part of Jennings Township). Scott County was formed on February1st, 1820, and was named after General Charles Scott (1739-1813) of Virginia. Scott was a Revolutionary war hero who participated in a number of engagements against the Indians in Indiana, and was the fourth Governor of Kentucky 1808-1812.

Purportedly the naming of Austin, Indiana, derived from War Veterans of the War with Mexico (1846-1848). An appreciative United States government offered Veterans of the war, land in Indiana as a gift for their services to their country. The Veterans arrived from Texas and after settling into the village, they named the community Austin, in honor of Austin Texas where several of them once lived.

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